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Family constellation workshops and one-to-one sessions facilitated by Julia Duthie
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Thanks for your intuitive, skilled, sensitive holding of such massive healing  

Workshops for Pregnancy and BirthWorkers


These workshops are tailored for those who work with birth or will soon be giving birth.  Pregnant couples are very welcome, as is anyone working with birth - midwives, doulas, birthworkers, birth partners etc.

Julia Duthie, an independent midwife from Devon, uses family constellations to help release pregnant women and their partners from ancestral patterns and maternal line issues that could interfere with an easy and natural birth.

We will explore the type of issues that could get in the way of a natural, spontaneous birthing process.  The workshop will include family constellations where we will work to resolve patterns held within our ancestry that may affect either giving birth or our ability to support a birthing woman, especially when she has similar ancestral challenges to our own.

We will look at what may have led to difficult births within the members of the group - either our own births or when birthing our own children.  You will have opportunities to be a representative in others' constellations; this can be a very healing experience due to the resonances with one's own history.  I experience this profound and healing work as 'midwifery of the soul'.

Next workshop

"Healing Ancestral Imprints on Pregnancy and Birth"

Friday 11th January 2013
9:30am - 5:30pm
The Relaxation Centre, 9 All Saints Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2JG

Cost: £50

Please contact me to book a place or for further information:


Phone: 01752 837706 / 07967 180879

Download a brochure about family constellations for pregnancy and birth here:


Family Constellations with Julia Duthie Information Brochure

Julia Duthie - 01752 837706 / 07967 180879