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Family constellation workshops and one-to-one sessions facilitated by Julia Duthie
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“Thank you for the heart healing, release & perspective I was needing on my journey to wholeness”  



"The family constellation workshop I attended with Julia touched my being in many deep, profound and unexpected ways...

Firstly to come together and spend the day with such lovely people was very special but I think the atmosphere of warmth, safety and closeness was created by Julia's calm, steady and kind presence.  I felt completely held by Julia's presence which I believe allowed us all to drop into some very deep places... and at the end of the day emerge with more insight and healing."

“Thank you for your care and guidance in the process of looking at our family relations with so much support and love around.  We felt very safe and held in your presence.”

“Thank you so much for the family constellation that you led for me the other day.  The depth and safety of your support allowed me to move through and heal some very uncomfortable places in my ancestry.  I feel so much lighter and freer now after that release.  Thank you again.”

“I wanted to thank you for your beautiful loving generous work with me.  It was very, very meaningful for me and continues to unfold within me.  I have just returned from a miraculous visit with my mother, feeling truly open-hearted toward her, and not afraid of her or hostile toward her for the first time in my life.”

“Thought it was high time I got in contact with you again to let you know how I am.  The family constellation session was really powerful and has continued to resonate really strongly with me, awaking so many thoughts and feelings – illuminating, positive and constructive ones, on the whole.  I can’t thank you enough for organising it.”

"Thank you for the heart healing, release & perspective I was needing on my journey to wholeness.  The whole workshop was superb!  Thank you."

"I so enjoyed working with you, it was lovely to have such gentle guidance through the storms of everyones past!"

"The work helped me to see the situation from so many perspectives and gave me a great richness of understanding.  It felt a really powerful way of harnessing the love and energy of others to help shift what was often a private pain.  Thank you for holding that cauldron and allowing that magic to begin.  My heart energy is moving now and I look forward to see what will unfold from the constellation."

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