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Family constellation workshops and one-to-one sessions facilitated by Julia Duthie
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“The depth and safety of your support allowed me to move through and heal some very uncomfortable places in my ancestry”  

About Me


Julia Duthie - 'Midwife of the Soul'I have been using family constellations in my work since 2002.  I have found the results to be profound and deeply healing.

I have spent many years working as a community midwife and as an independent midwife and I observe many instances of long or difficult labours and births that appear connected to the ancestral burdens that the mother, or even the father, are carrying.  When I am facilitating family constellations I experience the work as 'midwifery of the soul'.

I have a particular interest in using constellations as a form of birth preparation in order to reduce the burden of unresolved ancestral issues for the incoming child.  I also enjoy using constellations to help resolve issues resulting from one's own birth experience.

I trained in Devon, London & Bristol and now facilitate family constellations in both one-to-one and group settings throughout the South West.


I deeply acknowledge those who I have trained with and without whose teaching I would not be able to pass on this profound healing method:
Bert Hellinger, the founder of family constellation therapy; Moumina Jeffs; Richard Wallstein; Jutta ten Herkel; Barbara Stones; Judith Hemming; Karen Hedley; Dr. Albrecht Mahr; Gunthard Weber; Vivian Broughton; Prof. Franz Ruppert; Ursula Franke and Anneke Hogeland.
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